Remember When

"Remember When" is the title to this series. The context and ideas from the final images in this shoot came from my previous project "Two Cans and A Piece of String" which can be found on Currently within my practice I am intrigued with performance staging. When I perform I want to illuminate the mundane, just like a child does. I am fascinated with a child's creativity. To me a child's mind is the most creative. This is simply because they are naive to the world and their surroundings. They do not consider what society thinks nor if it conforms to "what is accepted" in society. All they seem to think about is making the most out of the little things. I believe my work to have a sense of a theatrical presence captured within my photographs. It is hard to avoid planning my project to a certain extent, however my performance is improvised. Therefore when I do perform in front of the camera I emerge myself into the rolls as much as I can so I forget everything apart from enjoying myself and this is when my images work best; this is when they represent a theatrical presence.